Website speed test sites and tips!

Website speed and tips to increase it:

If you own a website then it is very important that it has a good speed so that the visitor doesn’t feel irritated. The speed of the website matters a lot in increasing the website popularity. If the speed is not good, the website will not work properly. There are few tips, by following which, you can have a good website speed.

80% of the load time of Web page is spent downloading the diverse pieces-parts of the page such as pictures, templates, contents, flash, and so on. A HTTP ask for is made for every single one of these components, so the more on-page segments, the more it takes for the page to render. In this case, the fastest approach to enhance site speed is to streamline the page elements. You can utilize CSS rather than pictures whenever conceivable, you can consolidate different templates into one and you can also use the short scripts and put them at the base of the page.

To increase website speed, your objective is a server response time of fewer than 200 milliseconds. Also, on the off chance that you take after the tips in this article, you’re well on your approach to accomplishing this. Google prescribes utilizing a web application observing solution and checking for bottlenecks in execution.
Extensive pages are regularly 100kb or even more. Thus, they’re massive and are very slow to download. The ideal approach to speed the time of their loading is by zipping them which is also known as compressing. Compression decreases the transmission capacity of your pages, accordingly diminishing HTTP response. You can easily do this with an apparatus called Gzip. You can also increase the website loading speed by enabling cache memory. When you visit a site, the components on the page you visit are put away on your hard drive as a cache, or impermanent storage so whenever you visit the site, your program can stack the page without sending another HTTP request for to the server.

Sites for testing website speed:

Some of the top website speed test sites are:

  • UpTrends
  • dotcom-monitor
  • Google Chrome DevTools
  • YSlow
  • PerfTool
  • PageScoring
  • Yellow Lab Tools
  • Sucuri Load Time Tester
  • Pagelocity
  • KeyCDN Speed Test
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • WebPageTest
  • Varvy Pagespeed Optimization
  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix

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