How to improve my computer and internet connection speed?

In case you are completely irritated with the slow internet and you can’t perform any important task on the internet perfectly then this article is for you. There are a few ways that can help you out in improving your computer as well as internet connection speed.  Scroll down and check out those ways.

  • Check your Internet Plan:
    In some cases, your internet speed is slow due to the fact that you’re paying for such kind of internet plan. Sign onto the site of your internet provider or call them and know what internet plan you are using. After knowing the plan, test your speed via any online internet speed testing site. If the internet speed that you find out by the testing is equal to the speed of your internet plan then your internet connection is completely fine. Your internet speed is slow because you are paying for that speed. If you want to increase it, you have to upgrade your plan.
  • Turning off the updates:
    There might be a few applications that might be working in the background for the updates even after you have closed all the web browsers. Such latest updates might be the reason behind your slow internet speed. However, you need to go to the settings and turn off all the automatic updates options of the applications. You can set them to the manual update so that you can update them anytime you want.
  • Fixing the Wi-Fi signals:
    In case you’re utilizing Wi-Fi, you may figure out that internet, as well as router, are working nicely but the signals of Wi-Fi are weak. In such condition, you need to boost your router. There are many ways by which you can fix your Wi-Fi signals or boost your router. You can search on the internet for the best suitable way for you.
  • Clearing the browsing data:
    Your internet speed can also be increased by cleaning all the browsing data from the internet browsers you are using. In order to clear all the data from the browser you can go to the history tab and then choose the clear browsing data option. All your saved passwords, cache and auto-fill form data will be cleaned and your internet speed can be increased.

Call Your Internet Provider:
If you’ve tried out all the above steps to increase your internet speed but your internet is still not working good, then just call your internet service provider and check whether the issue is from their side. In case there is some problem from their side, they will let you know and will ask you to wait some time to get it fixed.

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